Product Hotlines

Scientific advances and competition in the Life Sciences industry are driving an incredible number of sales initiatives aimed at influencing physician's prescribing habits. Hospital load and Managed care (in some countries) drive doctors to see more patients each day; so the knowledge sales reps convey to physician's about new FDA-approved drugs is a valuable benefit, eliminating hours of physician research.

Yet, a high-prescribing physician may have lot of sales reps calling on a regular basis. Many now place limits on sales visitations, resulting in sales calls lasting, on average, three to five minutes.To be effective, pharma companies need to utilize the time effectively and focus on presenting concise data into sales process along with a targeted message to deliver during the brief interaction with a doctor.

PharmCentre plays a pivotal role in managing this process in proven methodological way working with product heads of the clients. This process will lead to fewer visitations by medical reps and there by decreasing the cost of the overall process and increasing the overall efficiency.


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