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Product Safety is vital and a lot depends on how the products are used correctly as indicated. We provide advice regarding the safe and intended use of a wide variety of products.

Our in-house team of experienced and trained staff can alleviate consumer fear and communicate safe product use practices.

In addition to using manufacturer’s proprietary product information, we also have the access to comprehensive medical and safety databases to aid in developing consistent and standard responses to appropriate questions.



  • Safety of specific product ingredients or components
  • Product use by individuals with underlying medical conditions
  • Product indications and contraindications
  • Use patterns that typically would not pose a specific health or safety risk



  • Provide services 24/7, ensuring prompt response to telephone inquiries
  • Offer expedited responses to non-phone information inquiries (email, letter, and fax)
  • Track individual product inquiries with our highly secure (SSL encrypted), Web-based system
  • Access to standard databases to provide the safety information
  • Work with the company to combine proprietary information with standard medical information toxicology systems



USA       : +1 866 879 1354 (toll free)
Europe   : + 49 699 579 6901
Asia       : +91 404 434 6699

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